Reasons Why You Should Volunteer to NGOs

In India there are a total 31 lakhs of registered NGOs.They do not require sophisticated machinery, generate revenue by selling products or services.Instead NGOs need some kind hearted people with  a mindset to help others in whatever way possible like donating money ,food, clothes and by volunteering. Donating not only just helps to solve causes but also makes a positive impact in the donor’s life.

So here are few reasons why one should volunteer to NGOs :-


1. Giving Back to Society

We all use resources provided by society and it’s our duty to pay back in whatever way possible. You can contribute in any field  in which you are passionate about. In the end it doesn’t even matter what you have, instead it is about what you have given back

2. Giving charity makes you feel good

When you donate something there is a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth . You tend to learn new skills ,networking with like minded people and the smile you see on these faces can make your day .

Scientific studies have shown that volunteering generates dopamine in the giver, which gives a feeling of pleasure.

3. You contribute in changing lives

NGOs help in skill building , education to children, extra curricular activities, providing medical services , and feed millions of homeless dwellers. All these enable children not fall prey to child labour and later they become capable of earning in order to sustain their lives .There are many examples of children who later in their life are at wonderful positions. We all have the capability to change someone’s life through kindness and one should never waste it .You can start by being a volunteer in NGOs.

4. You can get donation tax rebate


Along with personal satisfaction ,you receive an additional benefit of tax rebates and exemptions under section 80G of Income Tax Act ,1961. This can be claimed while filing the ITR (Income Tax Return). Some documents required are 80G certificate, stamped receipts, Form 58, organisation’s registration number.

5. Build your career

As a volunteer you learn a lot of new skills ,you interact with a lot of people and these experiences give you an edge over others in terms of employment. There is personal growth ,you develop leadership qualities and learn to work as a community. From organisations you can get a letter of recommendation which would further help you get employment .

When you volunteer you get more than you actually give.You yourself try to make a change rather than just sitting at your home and dreaming about the ideal society.Do not underestimate yourself ,you ,yes you can make a huge impact .


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