Spread some warmth this winter with Pehchaan

Spread some warmth
“For some winter is a season, for some it’s a celebration but for some, it can be torture because, without warmth, there’s no winter”

In winter, snuggling up in your warm and soft blanket is the best feeling ever but there are many outside who are sleeping in torment while shivering in cold and chilled weather with no warm clothes or blankets around them. For underprivileged people, winter is nothing but suffering, especially for children and elders. They fail to tolerate extreme coldness and suffer from various diseases such as pneumonia, cold diarrhea, cough, fever, and asthma due to bitterly cold weather. It can be menacing to their lives too. For homeless children sleeping outside in frigid temperature is devastating and life-threatening because their bodies cannot regulate like poor adults.

People with no roof welcome winter with dread and anxiety because unlike us, they don’t have the privilege of staying indoors to protect themselves and their loved ones from extreme coldness and the misery it brings along.  We cannot even imagine how they cope with it but we can help them together by providing them this winter, some warmth and love with Pehchaan- The Street School.

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Pehchaan The Street School is not just a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) but it is home to many underprivileged children residing on the streets and in slum areas. It Is an initiative to propagate and provide free education to those children to help them in creating their own Pehchaan (Identity) in society.

On the 18th of December, 2022 Sunday, Pehchaan is organizing a Blanket Donation Drive across all the centers in Delhi with a target of collecting a thousand blankets to distribute among the underprivileged children and it can only be possible when we all come together to contribute and be the reason for bringing smiles on those innocent faces.

You can donate the blankets online or even donate new blankets by visiting the centers and meeting the underprivileged children and helping them in any way you can. All the donations are tax-exempt under 80 G. You can also visit the website of Pehchaan The street school on google to know more about this trust.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make someone’s winter special this time with warmth and love. Let’s come together to take steps towards bringing the change.

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