The Story of Deepak- A Miracle in its own right

The year 2024 is special for Pehchaan; the street school as we have many reasons to celebrate. The organization reached a new milestone, celebrating its 9th birthday. We’ve had more than 800 active volunteers (both Indian and International), engaged in over 200 collaborations, and established over 10 centers across Delhi and NCR that work for the betterment of over 1500 students.

Among these incredible numbers, another resounding success is that one of its oldest students, Deepak, passed his class 12 CBSE Board exams with a spectacular score of 83%.

In a country where the Average Annual Dropout Rate for young boys in senior secondary education is 13 per cent according 2021-22 data, Deepak’s achievement is remarkable. Son to a father who is a daily wager and a mother who is a homemaker, and being the eldest among his siblings, Deepak is used to shouldering responsibilities from a young age and it is not surprising when boys of his age are forced to compromise on their schooling to contribute to the family income. Yet, the course of Deepak’s life altered when he enrolled in Pehchaan; The Street School.

Deepak story

Deepak’s stellar journey

Deepak began his journey with Pehchaan; The Street School in 2015. He was one among the many students who enrolled with the organization, but what set him apart from his peers is his firm resolve to learn in circumstances that have been nothing short of testing.

Once with Pehchaan; The Street School, Deepak like many other children took to his books with sincerity, following the instructions of the teaching volunteers to a tee. As he grew up, he even took up the responsibilities of the center he was studying at. He’d diligently help the volunteers manage the center before and after the classes, take care of the school supplies and stationery and even help the team with distribution, but never expected anything in return. His calm demeanor and honesty won over the management team and volunteers alike, creating a bond of friendship, warmth and comfort.

Time waltzed by and with his earnest efforts, Deepak made it to class 9. However, the real challenge was yet to come with the pandemic of 2020, that led to a nation-wide lockdown. School was suspended indefinitely and lectures were being carried out online. Deepak was left stranded without smart devices or internet to help him continue learning.  

Pehchaan; The Street School, took it upon itself to help Deepak continue his lessons seamlessly and went on to provide him with a smart device and internet connection, ensuring that nothing obstructs his education. Eventually, with our team’s help, Deepak completed classes 9 and 10.

Like all things, the pandemic passed. The city returned to normalcy and the centers of Pehchaan once again bustled with energetic young minds eagerly learning their lessons. Deepak was now in senior secondary.

One day during in a casual banter, Deepak naively said to the founder, Mr. Akash Tandon, “If I complete my class 12 with 75% or more, you’ll have to buy me a laptop!”.

“I accepted the challenge with a wish to lose”, fondly recalls Akash today.


The next two years, Deepak burned the midnight oil, studying each topic in his syllabus meticulously.

“Is this entry included in the National Income?”

“Is this method good to go about this topic?”

Deepak routinely bombarded the teaching interns with his questions.

When he appeared for his final exams, the whole team held their breaths, sincerely praying that they lose the bet. Truly hoping that Deepak emerges with flying colors. And finally, the day came, Deepak passed his exams with a whopping score of 83%, a miracle in its own right.

Ecstatic over his defeat, which was in reality the biggest win of Pehchaan, Akash and his team bought Deepak his promised Laptop.

While it is an everyday thing when a child somewhere completes his senior school, it is not every day that a life is turned around and a destiny is rewritten. It is not every day, that someone gets a new identity (Pehchaan).

While it is an everyday thing when a child somewhere completes his senior school, it is not every day that a life is turned around and a destiny is rewritten. It is not every day, that someone gets a new identity (Pehchaan).

Deepak is the first in his family to have completed schooling and that too with such a good score. Today as he aspires to join college and build a profession, we know for a fact that he has paved a path for his siblings and peers to follow and he will potentially improve the condition of his family. It is not Deepak alone who will benefit from his education, it is his family and community as well. It is a win, in more ways than one.

As Malala Yousafzai rightly said, “One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world”, Deepak is the living embodiment of this statement.

As for Pehchaan; The Street School, we shall continue to give children the holistic education that they rightfully deserve with a passion and motivation which has been renewed by Deepak’s success. This is the first among the many Deepaks (lamps) that we determine to light in our journey to provide education to each child.

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