Successful collaboration is when teams comprising people with diverse backgrounds, strengths and skills work together to deliver work with high productivity.

Want to Collab?

While our main goal at Pehchaan The Street School is to provide the basic fundamental education to underprivileged children from slum areas in an accessible manner. Pehchaan have our interests in other social welfare dynamics as well. We want to streamline ourselves in other problems that marginalized sections in our community face. To extend our roots into this, we invite other organisations to collaborate with us on donation drives, health camps and various subject-specific training sessions to further help these children in shaping their future.

Our work base has over 300+ volunteers, and we have an experience of over 8 years in the field of social welfare. We have 8+ on site centres where we provide education. These resources and establishments can be used to expand the goal of societal well-being. This vast, vital, properly channelised and accumulated human resource will be exposed to setting up necessary facilities to carry out collaborative work with other notable organisations in their respective fields. We believe in growing together and abide by the notion of helping every individual. Through mutual sharing of resources and defining plans with definite measurable outcomes, we are willing to carry out collaborative project work beneficial for both organisations. 

Under our collaboration schemes, both organisations will maintain their individual identity. We also accept donations which can be schemed to utilize in collaborative initiatives through formal written agreements.

With the above-mentioned aims and aspirations, we thereby announce ourselves as willing to foster collaborations with other NGOs engaged in similar and diverse work.

Pehchaan  – The Street School

For teaching internship, our current operational centres are at
Indraprasth metro station, GTB Nagar & Mukherjee Nagar, Noida sector 35, Sunder Nursery, Rohini , Dilshad Garden

Saturday & Sunday;
🕒3pm to 5pm – Indraprasth Metro Station, Sunder Nursery, Dilshad Garden, Rohini 

🕑2pm to 4pm – GTB, Mukherjee nagar & Noida

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