Pehchaan The Street School work towards developing and improving education for underprivileged children. We ensure that children and youth have access to quality education and educational opportunities. Our impact is significant and far-reaching and works toward transforming the lives of individuals. We aim to provide education and educational resources to individuals who may not have had access to it otherwise. We ensure that education is accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic background, gender, or location. We provide educational resources such as books, stationery, and other learning materials not readily available in underprivileged areas.

Furthermore, we also provide financial aid to students who cannot afford their education. This can help break the cycle of poverty by allowing individuals to receive an education and, in turn, improve their economic prospects.

We aim to have a broader impact on society and the world at large. By promoting education and educational opportunities, we contribute to developing a more educated and informed population. This can lead to a more prosperous and equitable society, with citizens better equipped to address complex challenges and contribute to positive change.

We bring a smile to the faces of children by providing them with the experience, access to education, resources, and opportunities which they will cherish throughout their lives. This makes them happy and excited about learning and developing new skills. Children who study with us develop a sense of community and learn to appreciate the value of diversity, which makes them happier and more fulfilled.

Together, we can positively impact the world and make it a better place for everyone. Let’s all do our part to create a more positive and sustainable future for generations to come.

How do we bring a change?

Quality Education: We work towards improving the quality of education. This is done through good teachers and staff, curriculum development, and the provision of teaching materials.

Academic performance: By improving the quality of education, we help to improve the academic performance of students, which can lead to better career prospects and higher levels of socioeconomic mobility.

Personal development: We also have a positive impact on the personal development of individuals. We offer programs and activities that focus on developing life skills, such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking. These skills can help individuals to navigate challenges and make informed decisions, leading to personal growth and empowerment.

Social Cohesion: Another significant impact is the promotion of social cohesion and community development. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, we promote mutual understanding and respect, fostering a sense of community and social cohesion. This can lead to increased social stability and a more cohesive society.

Pehchaan  – The Street School

For teaching internship, our current operational centres are at
Indraprasth metro station, GTB Nagar & Mukherjee Nagar, Noida sector 35, Sunder Nursery, Rohini , Dilshad Garden

Saturday & Sunday;
🕒3pm to 5pm – Indraprasth Metro Station, Sunder Nursery, Dilshad Garden, Rohini 

🕑2pm to 4pm – GTB, Mukherjee nagar & Noida

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