"Team Pehchaan" At Jesus and Mary College of Delhi University

Team Pehchaan The Street School T Jesus and mary college

No better place for interacting with the young minds than a College fest

College fest is a celebration which unites students from various educational institutions regardless of their diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. February and March are the seasons of fests across all the colleges of Delhi University. This is that part of the year when we can set up stalls at various college events and interact and spread awareness about our cause among the youth. Recently we attended a fest hosted by the commerce society of Jesus and Mary College on 10th February 2023. Fests hold an entirely different meaning for college students, but when it comes to small businesses and NGOs, they are a hub of opportunities. It’s not just about putting up stalls but also how you attract people to your exhibition stand, how authentic you are in what you present and how well you connect with the target audience.Keeping all these things in mind, we organised various entertainment and interactive fun activities.
JMC Fest 2023

Write in Our magic envelopes

Most of us believed in magic and fairies as kids and some still do. From wishing upon the shooting stars to writing letters to the tooth fairies we all grew up. This motivated us to come up with the idea of magic envelopes or wish envelopes. All they had to do was write their wishes in the envelope and tie it on the wish stand. This turned out to be a very fun and entertaining attraction.

Thumb impression hearts

A simple yet fun activity. As the name suggests you had to make hearts using your thumb impressions. The paints and paintbrush were kept on the counter for this purpose. This activity turned out to be a major attraction to our exhibition booth among the students.


Who doesn’t like to get their pictures clicked. We all get several photos of ourselves clicked just to post that one perfect picture on social media. Selfies and photos are very popular especially among the youngsters. We are always searching for different and creative ways to pose for our next Instagram post. This motivated us to put up our own exclusive Pehchaan Photo-booth.
JMC Fest 2023 PTS
JMC Fest 2023

People’s opinions matter

Today  youngsters are amongst the greatest consumers of the media thus they come across a wide variety of information every single day. This induces them to process that information and form their own judgements and opinions. Thus, it’s only imperative to understand their take on various questions related to the education of the underprivileged children in our society. We asked students several questions like “What’s your take on the education for underprivileged children in our country ” or “What do you think is a rational solution to ensure that no child is deprived of education “. All the respondents gave very descriptive and thoughtful answers to our questions. These interviews gave a valuable insight about what the youth think and how they would want things to be. Thus, these interviews turned out to be a great success.
JMC Fest 2023
Team Pehchaan The Street School T Jesus and mary college

So college events for ngos are not just about  creating awareness for what you stand for but also about taking valuable feedback and opinions of people.

All these activities that we conducted were a part of a bigger motive i.e. to spread awareness about the education of the underprivileged children in our society and what Pehchaan the Street School is doing to bridge this educational gap between the privileged and the underprivileged children of our society.

Our HRs were also present there with us and thereby many students applied for internships and volunteering then and there.

With all these new learning and memories to look back at, we had an amazing and a very fruitful experience at the event and hope to attend more of such college events.

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Article By: Nandini Sharma

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