At Pehchaan The Street School, we believe that education is the right of every child, and it should be free and fair. But we cannot achieve this alone without your support and generosity. By donating to Pehchaan The Street School, you can help a child to set up a foundation for his or her future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities. Your charities can help to fill the gaps and provide dedicated resources to help the most vulnerable. These children rely on us to achieve safety, guidance, and access to life’s necessities, and with the help of your generous contributions, we’re here for every child to listen and protect them.

No matter how big or little the charity is, when you choose to donate with us, you’re helping to make a meaningful difference. To cater to the needs of 1000+ underprivileged children, we need constant resources and management. Your charities can assist us in doing our important mission. Donations in the form of the following are all acceptable.

Why Donate to Pehchaan The Street School?

  • Stationery (notebooks. Pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, scale, colours, colouring books, chart papers, chalks, markers)
  • Eatables: (milk, fruits, juices, samosa, chocolates, toffees, bread, muffins, chips)
  • Blankets, bedsheets, clothes, shoes, toys
  • Mats, fans, broom, tables, chairs, LED bulbs, handwash, sanitizer
  • Study material, school bags, uniform, boards


If you wish to donate, then you can send the above-mentioned items to any of our centres in Delhi or if you choose to make an online payment, then you can select any of the mentioned mediums to do so.

Your donation towards children’s education is not only a noble deed, but it is also a substantial contribution to nation-building and the larger cause of humanity. Also, if you choose to donate to Pehchaan The Street School for educating the needy, you can claim a tax deduction. Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of 1961 permits the same. If a donation is provided in cash, a person may be eligible for a maximum deduction of Rs 2,000 as of the assessment year 2018–19. If the payment is made using a cheque or a digital payment method, there is no upper restriction on the deduction amount.



NEFT Details

Account number: 033005007188
IFSC code – ICIC0000330


Pehchaan  – The Street School

For teaching internship, our current operational centres are at
Indraprasth metro station, GTB Nagar & Mukherjee Nagar, Noida sector 35, Sunder Nursery, Rohini , Dilshad Garden

Saturday & Sunday;
🕒3pm to 5pm – Indraprasth Metro Station, Sunder Nursery, Dilshad Garden, Rohini 

🕑2pm to 4pm – GTB, Mukherjee nagar & Noida

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