FIC Aryabhatta Visits Pehchaan: The Street School

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‘To walk fast, one must walk alone, but to reach farther, one needs to walk together.’        — RATAN TATA

In a country such as ours, which is riddled with various problems and issues, it is the need of the time for more and more individuals to come forward and lend a helping hand to the downtrodden of our society. The Finance and Investment Cell of Aryabhatta College, Delhi University, is one such organisation that is working for the cause of social and financial inclusion of the marginalised community of society through their student-run initiative- ‘Project Samarth’.

The Finance and Investment Cell of Aryabhatta College is a student body that was initiated in 2017, with a vision to promote knowledge-sharing among students on matters of finance, economics and geopolitics. Since its inception, FIC Aryabhatta has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing itself as one of the most eminent societies in the university circuit.

Collaboration Between FIC Aryabhatta and Pehchaan: The Street School

All members of society must actively participate in the enormous responsibility of promoting financial literacy. The Aryabhatta College Finance and Investment Cell was looking for cooperation and partnership with a like-minded organisation that would aid them in advancing their project on a large scale through shared activities and efforts. When they came across Pehchaan The Street School, their hunt for a worthwhile partner came to an end. An NGO called Pehchaan The Street School has been operating in Delhi and the National Capital Region for eight years. The organisation’s main goal is to provide underprivileged children, who live on the streets and in slum regions access to free, high-quality education.

Pehchaan the street school

‘It was a serene experience’, mentioned Ansh Kapoor, the head of Project Samarth. He added, while sharing his experience on visiting the ngo and interacting with the concern at Pehchaan The Street School, that “Pehchaan The Street School has created an exceptional environment for the children to learn and understand even complicated concepts in a fun way. We have been inspired by their work, and we are actively trying to incorporate the workings of Pehchaan The Street School into our own activities’.

The Common Mission of Quality Education for All

Pehchaan The Street School believes that the commodification and institutionalisation of education have snatched the right of underprivileged children to quality education, moreover Project Samarth also echoes a similar stand on the modern education system which has kept the students away from Financial Literacy which hampers their prospects of financial inclusion.

Being a student-run initiative, Project Samarth found a special resonance in the lively mission of Pehchaan The Street School to rejuvenate how the children of the marginalised section of society access education. Together they intend to bring the budding and booming world of finance and investment to this community of children to equip them with the appropriate tools to be financially aware and able.

Calling for More Collaborations to Join Our Mission

We all need to act quickly and together because we cannot win this battle individually. We at Pehchaan The Street School are prepared to do even more with the help of more groups that want to collaborate with us and proceed on this path with us. We invite any comparable student-run or corporately supported programmes from schools, colleges, and offices to work with us and support our efforts to provide the underserved with high-quality education. Every small effort counts. If you are unable to contribute by physically joining us through any associated initiative, we would encourage you to join us through our Online Summer Internships and Volunteering programmes. These programmes are specifically designed to provide you with an experience of community building through an online mode of communication and working. Pehchaan The Street School has humbly opened up its gates for more such collaborative activities and partnerships which would create a committed synergy of change and dedication.

“PEHCHAAN-THE STREET SCHOOL” hopes to nurture and build many more such fruitful collaborations to make our mission to fight against the alienation of the marginalised community from equal opportunities. This fight would require everyone to contribute their rightful part, without which we will never be able to succeed. A socially driven movement is the need of the hour, and we invite you all to join us in this mission.

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