Architecture of the Identity


‘ Having children is not about reproduction-you are creating next generation of the people.This is a tremendous responsibility! ‘- Sadhguru

As we all know the saga that continues from generation to generation is to give birth to children and carry forward the human race.Have we focused on the responsibility that comes along with the outcome? We are creating the next generation of the people and that too a little smarter then ourselves.Then why do we forget that its our foremost responsibility to keep track of the little buds,that one day will take shape of beautiful,blossoming Gerberas.


A little step is being taken towards these tender souls in a slum region of Anna nagar near IP metro station,Delhi. Though its quite impossible to predict their future at this point of time, but sure this step is a revolutionary act towards taking responsibility of future generation.This is no fun or a time pass act, it’s a rather very serious act, taken up on the shoulders of a group of working professionals, college students under Pehchaan.   

Pehchaan is just not a name but its about the identity of our future India.It will one day represent India on a global platform, so its our duty to impart education in such a way that its just not a work, but a beautiful responsibility that will make the future of these children sizzling bright. We never know, who of these could be the leader, director, officer,  social reformer who will finally take up the charge to revolutionize the world further. Hence, its our responsibility to impart a strong basic foundation to these kids.


As we all believe that its easy to shape wet greasy soil in the desired shape, once its hardened its quite hard to mould. Pehchaan imparts education in a lighter way, with a little bit of game and fun into their minds that the kids could grasp the essence of the education without realizing it hard on their cells. Its a kind of approach, that’s minimal but its in the minimalism, where you get to notice details, hustles is only good for a rally, where the outcome is not promised. But here in Pehchaan, the outcome is ought to be positive and bright, as its concerned with the future generation of the Country.

Therefore,we believe in the brighter future of each and every children, as they are going to be pioneers of the majestic era that’s going to follow!

Love ya!

God bless!

By: Preksha Dwivedi

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