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You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation
-Brigham Young

There was a time when people thought that it was not necessary to educate girls. Now we have begun to realize that girl’s education is important. They are competing with men in all spheres of life. There are many people who oppose girl’s education. They say that the proper sphere of girls is the home. So, they argue that the money spent on girl’s education is wasted. This view is wrong, because girl’s education can bring a silent revolution in the society.
Educating girls is especially effective because when we educate them the benefits are visible throughout the whole community. It’s a magic multiplier in the development of a society
To invest in women and girls, and the benefits flow not only to them but everyone around them, too. (2).jpg
Women with a sound education will not only earn more themselves, they will contribute more to their household and national economies.
An educated woman is able to teach her children which in turn will be more likely to receive education themselves and the family will be healthier with less infant mortality rate. They will also be less likely to become a victim in human trafficking when they are uneducated and poor and through providing education and opportunities and fundamental skills this human trafficking industry can be significantly
A girl who completes primary school is three times less likely to have HIV. Keeping these statistics in mind The World Bank also calls education a “window of hope” in preventing the spread of AIDS among today’s children specially girls.
The girl’s education is must to fight with the burning issues of human trafficking and AIDS early marriages which are still present in Developing countries like India.
It is rightly said “Change starts with a girl”. So, giving a fair opportunity in education, women can significantly lift a nation out of difficulty and hardship though their important societal roles. To acknowledge this truth, education need not be considered as a rarity for the few, but an outlet for all.


By: Kanika Narula

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  1. I interested in teach.I gives to education to all childrens……This side vry good…..I m vry proud m part of in this…

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