Everything You Want to know About “Pehchaan”


Pehchaan- an initiative to help underprivileged children get their identity. A few young minds came forward to help slum children with basic learning.

The idea of Free Education encouraged many youngsters to come forward and join the team and help in spreading the message of free education.

Educationa Single word, that has the power to change the world. Has the power to light up the dark minds. Has the power that makes Human out of Beings.


This is what inspired us to initiate a similar idea in Delhi. Behind the world class building of the WHO, in the heart of Delhi, lies a slum with not so world class facilities. Seen by everyone from the metro and ignored by many.

This was a place which invited a young girl Koshika to come out of her personal life and go inside this place to know and understand the existence of people here. It was her efforts that started the idea of Pehchaan in Delhi.

She along with a few of her friends started taking classes for the children residing in slums. Many of them had no access to formal education and those who had, were really at a poor condition.


What is Pehchan?

Pehchaan is nothing but a thought, a feeling that understands the value of education and how deeply this one word can affect the generations to come. Everyone who is a part of pehchaan believes in this thought and work selflessly to make an impact on someone’s life.

We believe that “Each one teach one” should not just remain as a saying but should actually be accepted by each of us in our life.


Who are the members of Pehchaan?

We are a team of young professionals and students who work on weekdays and spend some time together on weekends. We play, we teach, we learn with these kids.


Is Pehchaan registered?

After running Pehchaan for almost three years as a individual volunteer group, we felt the need of getting it registered. Since the number of students were increasing, arranging volunteers & stationery for them became tough for us to maintain. Hence, we got this organization registered in 2018.

What do we teach?

Basically, everything! From elementary education to etiquette. From Drawing to various other activities, we help these children learn whatever they wish to study.


What’s the impact of Pehchaan?

We know we are not running a formal school neither do we believe in being a substitute of any school. Teaching kids for 2 hrs a week is not enough. We are here just to encourage these kids to study and to understand their issues and help them wherever and which ever way possible.

When we started this school, none of the kids were interested in learning. They used to play, shout, fight and behave in the most absurd way possible. It was with time we realized what they want and how to handle them.


In last one an half year, we have seen so many children improving and taking interest in studies. There are kids who need encouragement and little support to grow and we are just being that support.

And the most important thing is we are inspiring others to do the same. We have recently started classes in Gurgaon and planning to start some in Noida too.

Pehchaan School - Delhi

Strength of Pehchaan?

We started with just 5 volunteers and 10-15 kids. It took more than a year, a lot of efforts and chocolates to encourage people and kids of this area. After two years, now, we are a team of more than 100 volunteers and more than 450 students.


How can you be a part of Pehchaan?

If you feel the same as we all do. If you too believe in this concept of free education. If you too believe that your time can help shaping someone’s future, come forward and be a part our team.

You can also start a centre near you. All you need is a place and some efforts. Find out people around you who can’t afford proper education and help them in learning.

Come let’s inspire each other and make India educated.


By: Akash Tandon

7 thoughts on “Everything You Want to know About “Pehchaan”

    1. REALLY GREAT EFFORTS N GREAT APPRICIATED ALL MEMBERS OF PHECHAAN .those are doing for education imporoment for needed kids …Really congradulation n god bless all members n great appriciated …

  1. Hi

    Feeling so great to read about the wonderful work you people are doing.
    Kudos to you guys for taking this initiative.

    I would want to volunteer in this.

    Please suggest how can I get associated with you.


  2. Hi ,
    I’m a computer graduate student .I saw ur website and all ur work.im glad if I’m a part of pehchan.i want to teach free computer education to all students who part of pehchan.
    Contact me pls

  3. As everyone is born unique and everyone has its own identity own pehchan to come up with and show the world around us . To make one’s pehchan education plays prime role . this organisation helps to give pehchan to the children who had missed their education – the path to find one’s own identity . So People do help,do support, do share this noble work and help the poor childrens to find their pehchan.

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