5 ways in which you can help underprivileged

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” – By Nelson Mandela


Our tomorrow depends on the vision we offer to our children today. It is essential and our duty to give every child a dream to have a good future and that can be possible by providing them with proper education because education is every person’s right no matter whether the person is rich or poor, girl or boy and lower class or upper class. 

Pehchaan The street school is a Non-Profit Organization, that helps underprivileged children residing on the streets and in slum areas, by providing them free education with an aim to reach out and provide free education to every child in the city who is deprived of basic educational resources. 


You can also join or volunteer to help these children in making their future better. Here are five ways to help underprivileged children with Pehchaan The Street School given below:

1. Provide them with wings of education


Education and knowledge is the only thing that evolves by sharing with others. We, as privileged can teach the underprivileged and help them in building a better future.

2. Donate the happiness


Unlike us, poor children don’t have facilities or resources like good clothes, books, toys, bags, shoes, etc. You can donate or contribute whatever you can to help them in making their life better. Your one donation can bring enormous happiness to their faces.

3. Share with your friends and family

Encourage your friends, relatives, and family members to help underprivileged children. Nowadays, with the help of social media, it is easier to convince and communicate with a large number of people to ask for help and to come together to help them and improve their standard of living.


4. Give them your time

They are underprivileged children but they are also human with emotions. Donation is important, but it is not enough. It can make them happy but if you spend some quality time with them then it will make them feel special and who doesn’t like to feel special? So, give your time and it will be the best time for you as well.

5. Say hello to a healthy lifestyle

 A healthy person is a hundred times better than a wealthy person. We all are very well aware of how primarily essential health is for every being. Due to a lack of sanitation and malnourishment, many poor children face health issues and diseases that come along.

We can help them by providing a healthy diet and elucidating to them the importance of protein, fibre, vitamins, etc.

By volunteering at Pehchaan The Street School, you can also teach the children in any center near you on weekends and spend time with them. You can also donate or contribute to them online as well as by visiting any centers of Pehchaan. All donations are tax-exempt under 80 G. You can also apply for internships in many fields to help the children and it will also boost your CV, especially for students and graduates who are looking for experience. With Pehchaan, you can help the children in any way you want or can. And trust me, the feeling that comes after helping people in need is beyond special and overwhelming.

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