My First Day at Pehchaan The Street School

My First visit to pehchaan the street school - Nidhi
The word “Pehchaan The Street School” in itself sounds so unique & I always wanted to explore the scene, the place and everything behind this word. What do they do? How can they make me work for the benefit of people? How can they make me contribute towards our society?
But maybe due to lack of time & some busy schedule, I never got a chance to see what’s actually behind the walls, before one fine day, when I finally decided that I’ll do something for the betterment of our society. Being a student, I know how bad the situation of our society is, especially of the people below the line of poverty.
My First visit to pehchaan the street school - Nidhi
So, I filled this online form to volunteer at the street school. When I reached there, it was a small space near Indraprastha Metro Station where hundreds of students were ready with their notebooks and identity cards, waiting at the gate with their monitor, who was busy in making them stand in a queue.
Once I and other volunteers were inside the daily practice of teaching these kids started.
These children, though devoid of very great facilities, have their cute little own world in this school where they learn something new everytime they be here.
My First visit to pehchaan the street school - Nidhi
There are children who want to be a doctor, maybe because they have seen some of their relatives who were devoid of healthcare facilities at crucial times, then one of them told me that she wants to be a teacher and the class went on.
My First visit to pehchaan the street school - Nidhi
My experience at Pehchaan The Street School has been great so far. These kids never fail to amuse me, I literally wait the whole week for Saturdays and Sundays so that I get some time to spend with these children. When I joined them, Christmas was around and that was the time to know these children better. Each one of them is good at something, be it dance, drama, storytelling or something else.
My First visit to pehchaan the street school - Nidhi
I volunteer here because this is the kind of work I actually love to do, you only gain knowledge when you share it and sharing what I have learnt so far with these kids give me immense pleasure. I personally feel that teaching them something, maybe, not everything will surely help them to have a better future.
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– By Nidhi

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