EDUCATION – Unlock The Golden Door Of Freedom

“A Child without education is like a bird
without wings. “– Tibetan proverb

Education, as we all know and have experienced the gift of it,
gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into
something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at
life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things
in life

Pehchaan The Street School

Each and Every individual on this Earth should be given the
right to Education. The right to education has been recognized
as a human right in a number of international conventions,
including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and
Cultural Rights which recognizes a right to free, compulsory
primary education for all, an obligation to develop secondary
education accessible to all, in particular by the progressive
introduction of free secondary education, as well as an obligation to develop equitable access to higher education,
ideally by the progressive introduction of free higher education.
Today, almost 70 million children across the world are
prevented from going to school each day.

The right to education also includes a responsibility to provide
basic education for individuals who have not completed
primary education from the school and college levels. In
addition to this access to education provisions, the right to
education encompasses the obligations of the students to avoid
discrimination at all levels of the educational system, to set
minimum standards of education and to improve the quality of

Henceforth, no child should be denied Education. Added to the
Provisions of Education, a number of NGO ‘s have been opened
to provide Free Education to the Underprivileged children as
they have the minimum access due to Poverty, lack of
Educational materials, Cultural boundaries in cases of female
children. One such NGO where a group of Young individuals
have identified themselves as the sole –bearers of providing
free education and uplifting the poverty-stricken children’s
into the wisest and achievable citizens has come up in the city
of New- Delhi in the name “Pechaan- The Street School “.

Pehchaan The Street School- Volunteer teaching

Pehchaan -A Street School where the children residing in Slums and nearby areas have been given an opportunity to learn and grow through the light of Education.

There are a number of significance that Education provides to
the individuals and to the Society. One such strong significance
is Character Building. Through Education, one questions his and
her way of seeing all the different elements of the society and
open up their mind and eliminates the superstitions and taboo
related issues by justifying them through facts and reasoning.
This is considered a very important step where one can
understand each other more clearly and build a better society
which passes on through others.

Students - Pehchaan The Street School

Hence, education is not only for the selected few but a whole.
The underprivileged has the right to grow from their poverty
and maintain financial stability which education can provide
them in the long run. Several NGO’s have been set up and we,
the youth should support them from Volunteering to Donating
how much ever is required as, a society is built not by one by a
team of supporting citizens.’

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By: Gauhar Parveen


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