Eradicating Barriers for Underprivileged Children

Even though there are a lot of educational facilities present in today’s society, some students nowadays face a lot of educational barriers. Basically, educational barriers are those which prevent learners from fully engaging in learning. And because of such barriers many children, especially the underprivileged ones, face lots of problems and sometimes even leading to remain uneducated. Educational barriers are crucial issues than they seem to b, directly or indirectly it impacts the society we live in.

The first and foremost barrier for the education of underprivileged children is “Lack of funding for education.” The main reason behind this is that the family income of such children is not adequate to be spend a share on their education. And in our country, there’s a huge population of such families who cannot afford to educate their child. Even though some government authorities offer free education, the expenses of transport, uniforms and books are also quite too much for them. And here stands another barrier for them, that is, “Lack of learning materials.” This leaves no educational opportunities for them. Such barriers gave rise to another barrier which is, “Lack of incentive.” When such families can’t afford the resources, they even lose the hopes to educate their child even if they want to. They are, thus, unable to provide the proper incentive to their children and fail to motivate them, since they themselves have lost hopes. Since such families and children constitute half of the population, we cannot afford this deprivation to continue. There are other problems and barriers awaiting to stood as a block in the way of enlightenment. We need to contribute from our side also to help such children and then bring them forward and expose them to quality education, because these children are the future of our country and they might lead a better life if they will educate and get a decent employment. This can bring a significant change.

As citizens, we can play our part in removing such educational barriers from the society. We should donate our old books and accessories to children who need them. It will at least help them to develop curiosity towards learning. Moreover, one can sponsor the education of few children if one is in a capacity to do so, this will give them a helping hand. Another responsibility that falls on our part is to make awareness regarding the NGO’s who are working in this direction, one such non-profit organizations is, Pehchaan the Street School, devoted itself for promoting free education.

By joining team Pehchaan, the children get quality education from people willing to educate them, without charging a single penny. This is a wonderful initiative in building a better society where no one will remain uneducated.


Ravneet Singh

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