“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.” – Peter Marshall.

In the current times, where almost everyone is engaged and running the marathon to make their lives better, the universe calls for someone who actually means the fundamental trait of human being i.e. being human or humanity. Everyone ignites the candle to do away with the darkness from their life but, there’re very few who try to bring out the gleam in other’s lives.

Pehchaan- The Street School never leaves any opportunity to serve humanity and spread happiness and enlightenment. Recently, it has wholeheartedly organized a Blanket Donation Drive for the children of its school as a small contribution to humankind.

For most of us, winters mean sitting in comfy cozy blankets, sipping hot tea or coffee etc. etc. But the story is not same for everyone. There’re plethora of unprivileged to whom the mere idea of winters coming horrifies. It’s heart -wrenching to think about those who fight for their survival in winters. They lack of quilts and blankets to cover up themselves like us in the chilling weather.

We’ve our branches spread across Delhi where it’s freezing and biting cold. Our organization empathize with the pain and troubles of our children. We couldn’t let them fall under the clutches of any illness due to extreme cold. So, our mission was to provide good quality warm blankets to every child of Pehchaan and not let them suffer anymore. Each member of the organization worked assiduously to accomplish this unanimous mission.

There’s no other best gift than serving the unprivileged and needy at the hour of need. It is the best feeling in the entire world when we see those bright faces giggling in front of us. The sense of satisfaction after doing our bit to create a better place for them is beyond expression. The drive went on so well and we succeeded in our mission. The donors and volunteers did a remarkable job. Somewhere we feel privileged that God chose us to conduct such noble programs and drives for the betterment of other’s in society. 

Palak Prasad

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