Definition of Education – Mansi Saxena


 “विद्या ददाति विनयम्”

Above phrase says that Politeness comes from Education. Education can impart values to people to make them sensitive to fellow living beings. It is a process that completes an individual in all respects. Education is not only the theory given in books, it also includes the knowledge in our brain and moral values of our heart. Books carry the wisdom of generations. Reading helps widen views, encourage imagination and expand mental horizons. Knowledge is the enabler of human empowerment. The contribution of education to the development of nation is second to none.

“Education is the alchemy that can take India to its next golden age”. – President Pranab Mukherjee.

A reordering of society can be brought about through education. We cannot aspire to be a world-class power without Education. Education is no longer just the privilege of the elite, but a universal right. It is the seed of nation’s destiny. Education is a launching pad for nation’s resurgence. Education is important for the development of a scientific temper within society. Mere economic growth without the attendant knowledge capacity to manage the dimensions of change will neither suffice nor be appropriate. Education is an instrument to set mankind free from the bondage of narrowness. It widens our horizons and shapes our thinking. Education improves the standard of living. People in rural areas undoubtedly have better food, clean environment and also they are hardworking. But still the rate of progress of rural areas is lesser than urban areas. Why??

The answer is Education. It helps us to stand against exploitation, corruption and other social evils of society. Education improves the quality and comforts of our life. In today’s technologically advanced world, right from the needle to the aeroplane each and everything is machine made, almost every chore is done through machines in less time and more efficiently.

It is only possible due to education. Everyone knows what to do in life and Education shows the better path for “How to do” and “Why to do”. A good education inculcates the habit of tolerance of divergent views and opinions. A good education makes us spiritually calm. It inspires us to use our learning to indulge in healthy debate rather than enter into conflicts with those who disagree with us. A good education teaches us to our learning for the good of mankind, rather than against it. Education separates light from darkness, advancement from backwardness, excellence form mediocrity.

“Changes often precedes progress”.

If you feel our progress and growth is hindered by illiteracy, change it to 100% literacy. Do not join the brigade that only clamors the change; join hands with those who believe in doing. If one investment can truly define future progress, it is Education. In our fight against illiteracy, we have to create greater public awareness. We have to create amongst those, who are unable to read and write, an inner urge to become literate. The success of our literacy programme ultimately depends on the willingness and cooperation of the people. Because…

“Education is the only ladder that can cover up the valley between human and animal”

By: Mansi Saxena

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