Education for All


Education if looked at beyond its conventional boundaries forms the very essence of all our actions. What we do is what we know and have learned, either through instructions or through observation and assimilation. The importance of education in society is indispensable and cohering, which is why society and knowledge cannot be ever separated into two distinct entities.

In India the importance of “Education for All”, is ensured by the Fundamental Right in constitution known as “Right to Education”. According to this, the education till class 8th is compulsory for every child of our country. Discrimination cannot take place on the basis of financial condition, caste, religion and sex. Also Government has made many policies to ensure that each child of our nation can approach Education, a good quality Education. But the bitter truth is irrespective of many policies and efforts of policy makers education is not in the approach of everyone.

The main reason behind it is corruption. Now the question is, what should be done to overcome this problem? We can suggest government to make simple policies so that everyone can understand and benefited. We can make people aware about their right to education. We can help them to approach a quality education. We can teach poor children who are not financially strong to take coaching. We can teach students who are not getting good quality education.

This is what “Pehchaan” is doing!! A group of young citizens of our country has taken the responsibility to teach the children of slums. So that they can get a quality education to reach the level of advanced society.

The objective of “Pehchaan” is to nurture children with knowledge and discipline which will help them to create “pehchaan” in society. The step towards the goal “Education for All”

By: Mansi Saxena

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