5 Reasons Why You Should Join Pehchaan The Street School

5 reasons why you should join Pehchaan the Street School

These days everybody is going on about volunteering or interning in an NGO. India has a significantly high number of non-governmental organizations, with a total number of 31 lakh registered NGOs operating which comes up to approximately 1 NGO for 600 people. Seems a lot, right?
Now, with so many NGO catering to different sections of the society in Delhi itself, it can become a daunting task to choose which one would be the best for you.
So, here are a few reasons why you should join Pehchaan The Street School:

1. Empower through the weapon of education

In a country where the masses are highly uneducated, help the needy by becoming a change-maker by educating the growing minds. Those kids will spread knowledge in their entire community and bring a change in society. Volunteering in Pehchaan The Street School would be a happy and colorful experience!

5 reasons why you should join Pehchaan the Street School

2. Convenient timing and multiple locations

Got college lectures all day and assignments for the weekends? Don’t worry! Pehchaan The Street School won’t take a lot of your time. We need you from 3 pm- 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Pretty convenient, right? Moreover, we have centers in multiple areas of Delhi, so choose whichever is closest to you!

5 reasons why you should join Pehchaan the Street School

3. Exposure to the real world

When we are sitting in our AC rooms comfortably, binge-watching Friends, it’s difficult to realize our privilege, living in a cocoon in a protected environment. It is only when you join an NGO and talk to the kids who don’t have it so easy that you realize the hard realities of life. Pehchaan The Street School enables you to help the unprivileged lot and form human connections with those the society tends to ignore.

4. Networking

Pehchaan The Street School has volunteers and interns from varied fields and backgrounds. It can help you increase your contacts and get to know more people. With so many like-minded individuals around, you can brainstorm ideas on how to give back to the society together

5. Boost your CV

Working in an NGO gives you a real-world experience which you can add on to your resume. Needless to say, as you work with people from different backgrounds to achieve the same goal, it increases your skills as you learn something new each day. Home your personality and add to your work experience by working with Pehchaan The Street School

So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

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By Palak Agarwal

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