We at Pehchaan believe that one can never become poor by giving; Support children’s education and help break the cycle of poverty. Your contribution can bring a huge difference in their lives. By contributing to our cause, you can make a child believe that they aren’t alone in this world. We, a bunch of youngsters have put in efforts to bring a difference in our education system and in society at large by trying to bring a difference in the lives of these innocent children. We invite you to donate your books, uniforms and stationary. And please don’t shy away from donating all you can. For our children, are the happiest to be in your shoes. while Pehchaan has had a long-standing list of dedicated donors who have helped us realize our dream of making this idea a success, no help is ever enough when we are trying to equip a nation full of budding minds in need of assistance.

This is where we hope to reach out to each and every one of you out there, to understand the importance of our cause and assist us in a multitude of ways;

• Become a Sponsor – Sponsor a child’s education for an entire year, which shall include boarding, books, stationary and volunteers’ stipend

• Adopt a Child’s Education – This includes taking full funding responsibility of a child’s education for his/her schooling, from primary to higher secondary education

• Donations – Every bit counts! Donations in the form of uniforms, books, stationery, boards, desks, educational toys are accepted and appreciated.

You’ll also experience the joy of seeing the impact of your ongoing support through the latest updates on our website and can also visit our two centers in Delhi. We aspire to see everyone out there become a part of our family and help us make a difference, as the fight towards educating an entire nation is far from over, and with your help we can take this one step forward…!!

Running & maintaining our centres need a lot of efforts along with a huge amount of stationery, eatables & other items like mats, fan, handwash, electricity, bulbs and what not. With growing number of students & centres, these needs are growing too, thus to run these classes smoothly, we always look for donation of the following Items:

  • Stationery (Notebooks, Pencil, Pen, Rubber, Sharpener, Scale, Colors, Coloring Book, Marker, Chart Paper, Board)
  • Eatables (Chocolates, Toffees, Muffins, Frooti, Chips)
  • Mats, Fan, LED Bulb, Handwash, Broom Etc
  • Sanitizers & Masks

Number of students: 1000+

If you wish to donate, please send the above mentioned items to any of our centres in Delhi or if you wish to make an online payment, you can use the following mediums to do so.

PS: Avg cost of stationery & eatables comes around 250-300 per month per child


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IFSC code – ICIC0000330

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