Pehchaan, a word that means ‘to recognise’- To recognise the dire need to educate our children, irrespective of their pockets, is our motive. For over 3 years now, while we have emphasized the value of education as a fundamental right ought to be accessible to every child out there with a desire to learn, we have always tried to go beyond that. The institutionalization and commodification of education across our country has severely restricted the ability for the underprivileged to access means of vocational as well as academic studies, and that’s the barrier that we aim to break with our street school. Along with the help of our volunteers, who take out time every weekend to impart primary and secondary education to kids from different slums across Delhi, we hope to dismantle social and class hierarchies, and provide an opportunity for every kid, irrespective of their background, to realize their potential and make the most of their lives, creating a new identity for themselves. 5 years of impactful work, positive feedback, and over 100 volunteers looking over 750 students later; Pehchaan  is running the program with aim of benefiting underprivileged students across the city; “SHIKSHAANTAR”


Learning without barriers is the main objective of Shikshaantar. Being out of school puts these children at greater risk of exploitation, child marriage, and lower income-earning potential. By joining hands with us, you can open doors for the children to explore and to recognize their abilities and skills. 

#Shikshaantar is an effort to reach out to each & every child, across the city, who needs help in term of education or educational resources. We will try our best to help such children in whichever & whatever way we can.

Your regular contribution can boost their moral and can increase their confidence in themselves and in their dreams. The only way you can truly appreciate the education you’ve received is by helping another receive the same. At this confluence of give and take, is happiness. Happiness of pages that you give those who read it proudly under the candle. You give them, the pen to write their own destiny.


We at Pehchaan believe that one can never become poor by giving; Support children’s education and help break the cycle of poverty. Your contribution can bring a huge difference in their lives. By contributing to our cause, you can make a child believe that they aren’t alone in this world. We, a bunch of youngsters have put in efforts to bring a difference in our education system and in society at large by trying to bring a difference in the lives of these innocent children.  We invite you to donate your books, uniforms and stationary. And please don’t shy away from donating all you can. For our children, are the happiest to be in your shoes. while Pehchaan has had a long-standing list of dedicated donors who have helped us realize our dream of making this idea a success, no help is ever enough when we are trying to equip a nation full of budding minds in need of assistance.

This is where we hope to reach out to each and every one of you out there, to understand the importance of our cause and assist us in a multitude of ways;

Become a Sponsor – Sponsor a child’s education for an entire year, which shall include boarding, books, stationary and volunteers’ stipend

Adopt a Child’s Education – This includes taking full funding responsibility of a child’s education for his/her schooling, from primary to higher secondary education

• Donations – Every bit counts! Donations in the form of uniforms, books, stationery, boards, desks, educational toys are accepted and appreciated.

You’ll also experience the joy of seeing the impact of your ongoing support through the latest updates on our website and can also visit our two centers in Delhi. We aspire to see everyone out there become a part of our family and help us make a difference, as the fight towards educating an entire nation is far from over, and with your help we can take this one step forward!

Want to DONATE? Get in touch:

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Account number: 033005007188
IFSC code – ICIC0000330

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We are Looking for people who can lead the project #Shikshaantar in their area.

What’s the Role of a POC?

* To represent us officially in your area/circle/location.

* To report any cases that approach you regarding a child’s need for education/ resources

* To spread the message of shikshaantar in not only your area, but friends and family as well

* To connect with donors in your area, encourage people to help to join our cause

* To be available in case of any help required in or around your area

* To help us conduct monthly donation drives across your area

Be A POC in your AREA by filling this form:

What do you get?

Helping someone in need is the most satisfactory thing you could ever do. Bringing smile on those little faces will surely bring smile to your face too. Along with happiness, you will also be appointed as an official Partner in your area. You will be awarded a certificate for all the activities that you conduct in your area. You will also receive ratings which will help us identify your performance and reward you accordingly.


At Pehchaan, we’re not about getting the credit- in fact, we’re all about helping do good. We wish to make education viral. If you’re one of those who have been lucky and have had the opportunity to make something of themselves, you can help make India a better nation. How? Just a little contribution on your part. Is there anyone you know who never got the opportunity to learn? A daughter of your maid’s, perhaps? Or the son of the labourer you glanced at while returning from work? Share your knowledge with them! It’s that easy. And we’ll be there to make it easier for you at all stages- guidance, books, stationary and even clothes-so that we can make help you transform someone’s hard life and help them live a life of better quality. After all, why should the fact that a child is residing in a remote and inaccessible area hinder his right to education? Or why should the economic status of a young being be an obstacle to his dreams and aspirations? Why should a person’s caste, creed, gender, race, sex, locality, financial status, define who he/she is? Let education do the imperative and the rest will fall into place accordingly. Here is your chance to be the change that you wish to see in the world!

If you come across any child who is need of stuff related to education; please drop us a mail at:

or Whatsapp us on: 9711718972

or Contact us on Facebook

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