Nurturing Dreams since 2015

Nurturing Dreams since 2015

14-year-old Muskaan has a gleam in her eyes since she started studying
at Pehchaan. Daughter of a part-time labourer, her day used to get lost in
doing household jobs with her mother but now her days aren’t so
aimless anymore. She dreams of becoming a teacher at a school.
Dreams come easy to us, naturally. However, imagine living a life where
you cannot even dream because you are living an utterly hopeless life,
and you cannot change anything about it. This is the reality of many
young children living in slums and shanties.

Take 12-year-old Laxman, for example. He has been picking up scraps
from garbage since he was an 8-year-old. His father is a rag picker and
he is expected to follow in the same footsteps. What could he dream
about if his entire life revolved around this?
His life changed since he started studying at Pehchaan The Street School, not significantly but enough to give him the liberty to dream. He now dreams of traveling to all the cities and countries he has been learning about. His life doesn’t seem so hopeless anymore, and he wants to study hard, so he can earn enough money to achieve his dream. Such is the power of ideas.

Pehchaan The Street School has been enabling these children the capacity to dream big and do something in their life. And the only way to achieve dreams in education. Knowing how pivotal education is in fulfilling dreams,
Pehchaan The Street School has been trying to provide primary and quality education to as many students as possible. With these small steps, together, we can strive to make a difference.

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By: Palak

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