“Pehchaan” street school is a joint effort put forward by a group of people who are working together to promote & provide FREE EDUCATION to underprivileged children residing on streets & slum areas.

The Idea of pehchaan was initiated in Mumbai by Afsana, who started this mission and slowly but steadily she kept on inspiring other people to join this noble cause.

The same thought inspired Koshika Saxena, who initiated Pehchaan in Delhi with the help of Afsana and later she was followed by a number of students, working professionals & households.

Pehchaan is now active in various cities and the mission remains the same: FREE EDUCATION TO ALL.

PS: Pehchaan is not a NGO nor an organisation. It’s a group of people who work together to serve out country and countrymen. We Don’t accept cash donations rather we would love to receive stationary and donations in terms of Items which can be used to take classes on streets.